Ten Personal Property Tax Delinquents City 




Amount Owed

SLC Holdings LLC (St. Louis Cardinals) �

700 Clark St


Xiolink LLC (computer and Internet-services company)

900 Walnut St


Colonial Freight (trucking and warehousing)

4560 N Second St, #100


Pharmacia & Upjohn Co. LLC (Pfizer)

64 S Newstead Ave


Deloitte & Touche LLP (financial services)

100 S Fourth St, #300


Fifth Third Bank Indiana

4000 Forest Park Ave


Boling Concrete

3401 Morgan Ford Rd


Quick Study Radiology Inc.

720 Olive St, #500


St. Louis Hotel (Holiday Inn Select)

811 N Ninth St


Inter-Tel Leasing Corp. (phone system leasing company)

multiple addresses


� From Ron Watermon, director of government affairs and special projects for the St. Louis Cardinals: �In the Fall of 2007, we notified the City of St. Louis that we believed that our 2007 personal property tax bill was incorrect. The bill had been based on information that we provided to the city, some details of which we later found to be inaccurate. We submitted the correct information in an amended return along with the appropriate tax payment, which was delivered on time. We are working in full cooperation with the City Assessor�s office to clear up the status of our account as a result of the reporting error." [footnote added 5/27/08]