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Ten Out of Tenn Tour

9 p.m. Sunday, April 5. Blueberry Hill, 6504 Delmar Boulevard, University City.



Unlike the winged lion that shares his name, Griffin House is no mythological creature. He's just the opposite, in fact — a nice dude with an acoustic guitar, one of many such singer-strummers found in his adopted hometown of Nashville. But House's songs stand out from the glut, thanks to shuffling rhythms, conversational vocals and enough country flourishes to keep things interesting. He's been steadily releasing an album every year since 2002, and last year's Flying Upside Down shows that House can be a versatile songwriter despite his fairly straight-ahead musical approach. Ladies will swoon just at the title of "The Guy That Says Goodbye to You Is Out of His Mind," while "I Remember (It's Happening Again)" takes a tour through America's military history without getting preachy. House appears alongside singers Butterfly Boucher and Katie Herzig, among others, as part of the Ten Out of Tenn Tour.