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Ted Leo and the Pharmacists

Sunday, November 13; the Gargoyle (on the campus of Washington University, Forsyth and Skinker boulevards)


With his button-down white shirts, V-neck sweaters and floods, Ted Leo might look more like a Bible salesman than a punk rocker — despite the fact that he founded and fronted the Washington, D.C., punk-revivalist outfit Chisel for seven years. But alongside the Pharmacists, Leo's prescription of power pop is just what the doctor ordered to get audiences on their feet. Shake the Sheets, the Lookout Records follow-up to 2003's ultra-successful Hearts Of Oak, is filled with rousing love romps ("Me And Mia," "Heart Problems") and guitar-chugging, punk-infused dance songs ("Little Dawn," "Bleeding Powers"). With all Leo's energy, you might be torn on what to do: throw a fist in the air or bust a move. We highly recommend both.