Rated NR 113 minutes

A man who brings a child in this world, holds him while he takes his first steps and cries the first time his son smiles at him, can't just let that son slip away between his fingers into a dark and deadly silence. The man, Ravi, was only a factory worker. He was married to a middle-class girl, Sarita. He was only earning 5 thousand rupees a month. He was only another man in the crowd. But what the system didn't factor was that he was a father. It's not everyday that a healthy eight year old collapses while playing cricket. It's not everyday that a healthy eight year old has a hole in his heart and needs a heart transplant. It's not everyday that a factory worker has to raise lakhs of rupees to save his son's life. But this was not everyday. And this was not an everyday father. It was an extra-ordinary day and an ordinary man rose to become an extra-ordinary father. He tried to do it the right way. Asking for help from his office, the insurance company, the loan sharks. But when they turned him down, everything suddenly changed. He made his decision, looked up at the sky. Maybe he heard... God answer his prayer.

Film Credits

Official Site: www.tathastuthefilm.com

Director: Anubhav Sinha

Writer: Vinay and Yash

Cast: Sanjay Dutt, Amisha Patel, Jaya Prada, Manoj Pahwa, Gulshan Grover, Master Yash Pathak and Asrani

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