Tastes Like Chicken 

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Shopping teams were dispatched to Pete's Shur-Sav, Whole Foods, the Hampton Village Schnucks and the Tower Grove Farmers' Market. Armed with identical lists, the shoppers were told to find every ingredient they could and make substitutions at their discretion. For more, click here to continue reading Brooke Foster's article What happens when you take the same shopping list to four very different markets? An RFT food experiment. Photos by Steve Adams.
OF 13
Dinner is served!
Ingredients from Pete's Shur Sav in University City.
The Pete's Shur Sav roasted Chicken.
Ingredients from the Hampton Village Schnucks.
The Schnucks roasted chicken.
Ingredients from the Brentwood Whole Foods Market.
The Whole Foods Market roasted chicken.
Ingredients from the Tower Grove Farmer's Market.
The Farmer's Market roasted chicken.
Tomato salad.
Gooey butter cake with drizzle.
The night's wine selection.
A panoramic view of the dining experience.
Dinner is served!