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Take Note of the 'Note


The fax from N&D Global came over at 2 a.m.: Cover the Saturday-night Blues/Colorado Avalanche contest. "Sure thing," we slapshot back. Next move was to call our old pal Buck (he's glad it rhymes with "puck"). "Buck, what's up with St. Louis and the fine game of hockey? Used to be an ice-loving town; now all anyone wants to jaw about are football and, uh, baseball." Buck's eloquent answer nutshelled it: "As sweet as it was to behold Wainwright smoking that winning strike past the last Tiger, it'd be sweeter still to see the Blues hoist Lord Stanley's Cup." Money pollution and 86'd seasons notwithstanding, this is ice hockey and the Blues; respect must be paid. So go to the Scottrade Center (South 14th Street and Clark Avenue) tonight to watch the 'Note buzz-kill a Rocky Mountain High. It's our venerable team's 40th season in the NHL, and you know what they say — life begins at 40. Tickets are $15 to $135 at the Scottrade box office, through or by calling 314-241-1888. The puck drops at 7 p.m.
Sat., Dec. 30