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Swamp Cabbage

10 p.m. Saturday, December 22. Broadway Oyster Bar, 736 S. Broadway.



Expectations sink to a murky bottom at the mere mention of the band name: Swamp Cabbage. But the name ZZ Top was already taken by the Texas trio — which just so happens to be the band that Swamp Cabbage at once emulates and overcomes. Guitarist and songwriter Walter Parks may sing with a Billy Gibbons croak, but he knows how to spice up a barbecue party with hardscrabble banjo, spontaneous gospel riffs and a Tom Waits-ian jive, while the rhythm section of bassist Matt Lindsey and drummer Jagoda finds traction through the greasiest blues-rock jams. The Florida trio's forthcoming album Squeal (due out in February 2008) adds Hammond organ and Meters-style funk to a primal, electric boogaloo that should stop fans of Mofro and the North Mississippi Allstars in their butt-jiggling tracks.