Rated NR 91 minutes

Delroy's pregnant wife has been found dead in a pool of blood and he is brought in as the chief suspect. He is interrogated by D.S. Karn, a witty, psychotic racist and his violent sidekick D.C. Wilby. Both high on the prospect of a Conservative landslide victory they try to lure him into a quick confession. Callous humiliation gives way to a barrage of sinister violence, leading to a devastating conclusion. SUS is named after the stop and search laws which bred institutional racism into the police force, allowing officers in the 1970s to effective charge anyone they thought was up to no good. This term was often used to abuse and bully members of ethnic communities.

Film Credits

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Director: Robert Heath

Writer: Barrie Keeffe

Producer: Clint Dyer and Robert Heath

Cast: Ralph Brown, Clint Dyer, Anjela Lauren Smith and Rafe Spall

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