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Such Great Heights


Mountain film festivals at posh ski resorts are nothing new. Watch any gossip website for long enough and you’ll see celebs in ski boots at Sundance and A-listers loitering around Telluride. The Banff Mountain Film Festival Tour sets its sights a little higher, altitudinally speaking. Set in the beautiful Canadian Rockies on the banks of Lake Louise, the little Alberta town hosts its titular festival each year and is kind enough to send its best films on the road to those of us closer to sea level. The festival stays true to its mountain roots, as each film selected for the traveling festival focuses on mountain culture -- skiing, climbing, paddling and surviving the elements. The tour stops at the Hi-Pointe Theatre (1005 McCausland Avenue; 314-995-6273) Wednesday, March 28, and Thursday, March 29. Tickets are $15 to see a selection of short films that changes from night to night. For more information, visit
March 28-29, 2012