Stuff It: Gut Check Makes Stuffed Crust Pizza Monsters 

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In the last month we've seen Pizza Hut UK introduce a hot dog stuffed crust pizza and Pizza Hut Middle East roll out a cheeseburger stuffed crust pizza and a chicken filet stuffed crust pizza. We reported that Pizza Hut US re-released its cheesy bites pizza, which is basically a crust made of mini cheesy breadsticks. We call shenanigans. We call bullshit. And we demand satisfaction. In an attempt to offer Pizza Hut US more creative (read: monstrous) ideas for ingenious (read: abominable) stuffed crust pizzas, Gut Check conducted a series of decidedly non-scientific experiments in our test kitchen. The ingredients included: Crab Rangoon from Chinese Noodle Cafe, sliders, French fries and mozzarella sticks from White Castle, Bagel Bites, pizza rolls, taquitos, Combos, Pretzel Dogs and a combination of Nutella, bananas, peanut butter and jelly. Click here for the full results, including the winners and "every second I live is agony" losers.
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A small sampling of some of the ingredients used to make the pizzas creations.
This creation contained White Castle mozzarella sticks in the crust, topped with White Castle's sauce.
Before going into the oven, top with exorbitant amounts of cheese.
The cheese stick creation after being baked. The white globs are melted mozzarella that seeped from the crust.
A deconstructed look at the mozzarella stick pizza creation.
Crab rangoons being folded into the dough.
After topping the sweet and sour sauce, bake and top with a fortune cookie.
White Castle sliders being carefully placed onto the dough.
A look at the sliders before they get folded into the crust.
Add cheese and yet another slider to the pizza before placing in the oven.
Don't forget the french fries.
The slider creation after being baked.
Pizza rolls and taquitos baking before they make their debut.
Taquitos being lined up.
Taquito pizza after.
Don't be afraid to experiment. This pizza was half pizza rolls, half Combos.
Generously top your half and half pizza with cheese and more Combos.
Pizza overload
Pretzel dog pizza - first hot dog, then pretzel bun, all wrapped up in dough.
Bagel Bite pizza. Fold Bagel Bites into the crust and top with another in the center. Add cheese.
Bagel Bite pizza after.
Preparing the crust of bananas and Nutella.
Top with peanut butter and jelly.
Bake the crepe-like creation to a golden brown.
Check out that banana action in the crust.
A small sampling of some of the ingredients used to make the pizzas creations.