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Study Session

Bottoms up!


While some readers were out obtaining master's degrees — good for you! No, seriously! — Ms. Day spent her nights studying bottles of wine. She really learned a lot back then, like that pretty labels can be deceiving, and that she's not so fond of the white varietals. But as with any field of research, she still needs to brush up on her studies, so she will be attending Saint Louis Wine School at Premium Lounge (4199 Manchester Avenue; 314-367-3146 or Classes are held from 6 to 8 p.m. on many Tuesdays throughout December and January, and the December 9 lesson plan includes instruction on how to pair wine with food and which wines go with what cheeses. To supplement the seminar, students will have the opportunity to try at least five wines and also sample some cheeses. Enrollment in each class costs $25 — and that's money well spent for continuing education.
Tue., Dec. 9, 2008