Street Days (Quchis dgeebi)

Rated NR 89 minutes

From the back-alleys of Tblisi comes a tough but tender tale of friendship and betrayal, redemption and forgiveness, love and bullets. Guga Kotetishvili is a heartbreaking revelation as fortysomething junky Checkie, caught between nefarious crooks, corrupt officials and immoral cops. A haunting, darkly comic dispatch from the post-Soviet frontlines - if you like Shane Meadows, you'll love this.

Film Credits

Director: Levan Koguashvili

Writer: Boris Frumin and Levan Koguashvili

Cast: Zura Begalishvili, Gaga Chikhladze, Eka Chkheidze, Levan Jividze, Paata Khetaguri, Dato Kinghuradze, Giorgi Kipshidze, Rusiko Kobiashvili, Zaza Kolelishvili and Guga Kotetishvili

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