Sticky Fingers (Les Doigts croches)

Rated NR 108 minutes

To carry out the "crime of the century" Charles recruits his criminal pals. On the night of the robbery the police turn up and they've got to proceed swiftly to plan B - they will give themselves up, but one of them will escape with the $2 million. When they get out, the thieves are flabbergasted to learn that they will get their share of the cash on 2 conditions - they have to walk the 830 km of the pilgrims' route St Jaques de Compostelle , and above all they must have changed. These eternal delinquents, for the first time in their lives, will have to make a real effort to become honest citizens.

Film Credits

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Director: Ken Scott

Writer: Ken Scott

Producer: André Rouleau

Cast: Roy Dupuis, Aure Atika, Patrice Robitaille, Jean Pierre Bergeron, Claude Legault and Paolo Noël

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