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Step into Some Art


Why not push back from the TV, pull out your sneakers, and take in some art? Doctors and art connoisseurs alike agree that walking and gallery-gazing are good for you, and while you can’t change the channel if a painting doesn’t suit your taste, a piece more to your liking is probably only a few steps away! Tonight, several galleries and more than 40 artists have joined together for the Grand Gallery Walk, taking place just west of downtown St. Louis at glorious Grand Center. From 4 to 9 p.m., the galleries’ doors are open, and street performers and musicians add their own artistry to this free-for-all under the stars. A few of the exhibits on view include City of Gabriels: The History of Jazz in St. Louis, 1895-1973 (at the Sheldon Art Galleries, 3648 Washington Boulevard), Erik Spehn: New Paintings (at Schmidt Contemporary Art, 615 North Grand Boulevard), a Michael Eastman retrospective dubbed Elusive Light (at Saint Louis University Museum of Art, 3663 Lindell Boulevard), and the new shows opening at the Bruno David Gallery (3721 Washington Boulevard) featuring works by Ernest Trova (whose work is pictured), Bunny Burson and Charles Gick. For more information about the gallery walk, call 314-289-1591, and visit for a complete list of participating performers, galleries and artists.
Fri., May 25