Sports - Participatory

Steinberg Ice Skating Rink

When: Dec. 18-Jan. 2, 10-12 a.m. 2016

Any parent can tell you how difficult it is to put the kids to bed on Christmas Eve. Too much excitement and too much candy turn 'em into bug-eyed, toy-crazed night owls. Your only hope is exhaustion — not for you, but for them. The Steinberg Ice Skating Rink in Forest Park (400 Jefferson Drive; 314-367-7465 or is open every day through Thursday, February 25 — but more importantly, it's open from 10 a.m. to midnight during the holidays (December 18 through January 2). The outdoor rink has an open-skate policy, so you can skate all day for just $7 per skater; that's only 50 cents per hour if you make a day of it. Some fresh air and heavy exercise is just the ticket for tiring out your Santa fanatics. Keep 'em on the ice long enough, and you might even get to sleep in until the sun is up the next day.

Paul Friswold

Price: $7