Stars at The Pageant, 9/25/08, St. Louis 

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Canadian masters of melodramatic synth-pop Stars performed Thursday night at the Pageant. Bell X1 opened the show.
OF 32
Amy Millan of Stars sings in front of the pretty lights.
Lauren Vassiliades, left, and Carolina Matheson, right, from Wash U converse with friends socially and electronically during the set change.
Paul Noonan sets a soothing tone with his melodic voice. In other words, he sounded good.
Pat McGee styling it out on the drums surrounded by flowers that were occasionally thrown out into the crowd.
Left to right: Matty Rettner, Lucas Ravencraft, Polly Bennett, Jon Baker, Rebekah Baker. The photo is a little fuzzy but after a set at the bar, so were they, especially Matty.
Torquil Campbell and Amy Millan harmonize.
Jason Orsega and Shannon Dowell get the once over by security.
Bell X1 from Ireland opening the set. Earlier in the day, they held an in-store performance at Vintage Vinyl (see flier.)
Brian Crosby playing keyboard with Mac in hand.
David Geraghty on the lead guitar.
Mattew McCarty, left, Alex Detmering, center, and Taylor James strike their best pose while waiting for Stars to play.
Torquil Campbell sings.
Rebekah Baker plays with her iPhone by the bar.
Stars perform on Thursday night at the Pageant.
Half way through the show and people are just showing up, they missed out on Bell X1 and their melodic singer.
Chris Seligman on the keyboard.
Amy really playing the guitar... very well.
Amy sheds in the spotlight.
Torquil would occasionally play the trumpet. He is quite good at it.
Evan Cranley on bass.
Rose petals spot the floor as remnants of roses thrown to audience members.
Josiah Gerdts focuses on Stars as others focus on themselves.
Rachelle Beck and Austin Smith head home after an eventful night. Rachelle snagged a rose as Austin snagged a sweet mustache.
Sarah Morris takes a fancy to a Stars shirt as Ezra Hilton notices that it is purple, very purple.
The crowd takes to the merchandise and Natalka Proszak takes it in stride.
Natalka and her wonderful array of band goodies.
The merch: a Stars hoodie and Bell X1 t-shirt.
Rebekah Buckley looks at a purple Stars shirt.
Drummer Pat McGee signs an autograph for Michael Moramarco. Hey look! There is a bird tattoo on Pat's head.
Amy Millan of Stars points at our camera.
Amy Millan, Sandra Manzoni, and Brent Cowin notice a man watching the commotion from his back porch. Amy waves.
Amy Millan of Stars sings in front of the pretty lights.