St. Louis' Wizard World Comic Con 2015 

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Last weekend's celebration of all things awesomely geeky brought out costumers, gamers, pop-culture fanatics and collectors of all stripes. Photographer Micah Usher captured some of the highlights.
OF 35
Patrick Voss of VFX tries to control a creature known as Experiment 46.
Kenneth Burnett as a scarefest zombie from the Darkness Haunted House.
Laura Candice as Gamora from Guardians of the Galaxy.
Airic and Austin Rossiter as Fred and George Weasley from Harry Potter.
Luke Naeger, Dave Naeger, Mary Fenner and Draven Steinbecker as the cast of Bob's Burgers.
Rob Erlenbush as Beetlejuice.
Gerry Kennedy as Two Facem Salina Ford as Harley Quinn and Austin Schulte as the Joker.
Rachael Harvey as Jessica Rabbit.
Chris Hill as an Ewok.
Tori Clark as Maleficent.
Aaron Rabe as Captain Jack Sparrow.
Katie Crombie as Hawkgirl.
Sarah Downs of STL Ocarina plays a Lengend of Zelda Ocarina.
Samuel and Benjamin Meeks, little Daleks from Dr. Who.
Poison Ivy stops to admire Jonathan Kramer's Evil Dead costume.
Jolani Briggs as SuperBoy.
Cam McCarthy as Guile from Street Fighter, and Ria Colemire as Miss Captain America.
John Wehner, no doubt ready to paint some happy little trees, as Bob Ross.
Megan Taylor as Pop Art, Anglea Malota as the Cheshire Cat, and Simone Gresham as Pop Art.
Henry Volpe, steampunk with eyes for days.
Ellis Howell Sr. as Pennywise from It.
Dan Chandler gets tattooed by Chris 51.
Emma and Graham Deutsch as a with and a smoker from Left 4 Dead.
Bows, for when your hair is all "Uuuuhhhhhhh..."
Awesome hand-illustrated shoes.
A wall full of comic art.
Stamping a leather bracelet at a workshop booth.
Illustrated comic art.
Eric Casey as Sleeping Beauty and Denise Kammerer as Maleficent.
Aaron Schaumleffel as Borderline Psycho Bandit.
Jason Heady as Chronic.
Mike Wong as Frankenberry.
Weylin McMillin as Rorschach.
A trio of Maleficents: Tori Clark, Denise Kammerer and Sena Carroz.
Ain't no party like a Deadpool party.
Patrick Voss of VFX tries to control a creature known as Experiment 46.