St. Louis' Most Hangover-Friendly Diners 

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After a particularly boozy night, you're often pulled in two opposite directions: wanting to eat your yucks away, or to crawl back under the covers while vowing to never, ever drink again. Should you choose the former, here are the diners that will welcome you with open arms and overflowing plates of food. Read this week's feature: Three All-Nighters at the Eat-Rite Diner
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Olivette Diner's mighty slinger.
The Eat-Rite Diner.
Eat Rite cook Josh Kempf serves up the hangover cure.
Boardwalk Cafe's gravy skillet: The greasier the better, obviously.
Owner Vince Diblasi of the Olivette Diner. It has been around since 1958, and their biggest claim to fame is that Head East shot the band photo for "Flat as a Pancake" there.
The window at Olivette Diner.
Eat Rite's legendary slinger.
Diners at Eat Rite.
The new Courtesy Diner in Affton.
The counter at Courtesy.
The patio of Boardwalk Cafe in Old Orchard Webster Groves.
Diners in Boardwalk Cafe.
The chefs of Boardwalk Cafe.
Tiffany's in Maplewood.
The Sunday-morning crowd at Tiffany's is all business.
Kingside Diner in the CWE.
The Courtesy Diner on Kingshighway.
A staple of classic American diners: the jukebox, of course. This one's at Courtesy.
Courtesy's Kenisha Doss: "Smiles are on the house."
The Courtesy slinger.
Courtesy's all-American classic burger and fries.
City Diner is a south-side institution.
A full house at City Diner for Sunday brunch.
City Diner's owner, Pete, and crew organizes the dishes.
The Buttery on South Grand.
The Buttery's owner Don and long-time staffer, Donnie.
Olivette Diner's mighty slinger.