Sophie's Revenge (Fei chang wan mei)

Rated NR 110 minutes

The cartoonist Sophie is a cute girl who's carefree and without a single worry. There are always a lot of unusual and wonderful minds in her head. Sophie and her glamorous boyfriend Jeff?an excellent surgeon, has been enviable. However, after Jeff had become acquainted with the famous movie stars Chingching Wang(acted by Bingbing Fan),he abandoned the engagement with Sophie, ruthlessly. Nevertheless, In order not to let mom sad, Sophie, who's with the persistence of love, decided to grab her husband back to her side in the two months before their wedding. The smart Sophie will prove that the wives can persuade back their husbands ,who're having a bit on the side ,in scientific methods to the brokenhearted ladies all over the world. when Sophie drank her sorrow away at a Halloween party ,she knocked up an acquaintance with Chang Rui(acted by Peter Ho Yun-Tung),whose job is photographer. She had a new idea as soon as she spotted an intimate photo of Chang Rui and Chingching,accidently. Under the strong persuasion from Sophie, Chang Rui was forced into Sophie's partner. Meanwhile, her "love revenge" was developing into a laughable story.

Film Credits

Director: Yimeng Jin

Writer: Yimeng Jin

Producer: Yang Du, Eva Jin, Ming Beaver Kwei, Ling Lucas and Ziyi Zhang

Cast: Ziyi Zhang, Bingbing Fan, Ruby Lin, Jisub So, Peter Ho, Chen Yao, Ai Wan, Ji Wang and Qian Cheng

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