Sons of Cuba (Hijos de Cuba)

Rated NR 88 minutes

"Sons of Cuba" is set in the legendary Havana Boxing Academy, and this is no ordinary institution: This is a boarding school that hand picks nine-year-old boys, and turns them into the best boxers in the world. The results have been stunning: Cuba has dominated Olympic boxing for the past quarter of a century. The boys duties extend far beyond the ring: They are groomed not only as world-class fighters, but also to be international symbols for their country. "Sons of Cuba" follows the stories of three young hopefuls through eight dramatic months of training and schooling as they prepare for the biggest event of their lives: Cuba's National Boxing Championship for Under-12's.

Film Credits

Director: Andrew Lang

Producer: Andrew Lang, Francine Heywood, Laura Giles and Mandy Chang

Cast: Yosvani Bonachea, Cristian Martinez and Santos Urguelles

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