Son of the Sunshine

Rated NR 95 minutes

A troubled outsider saves up for an experimental surgery that will allow him to lead a normal life, only later discovering that the surgery robbed him of a divine ability that previously saved his sister's life and could once again prove essential in the very near future. When Sonny Johnns was eleven years old, he was diagnosed with Coprolalia Tourette's Syndome - an affliction punctuated by violent and obscene outbursts. Raised in the dingy world of low-income housing, Sonny saved his government disability checks until he was able to afford the experimental surgery that promised to eradicate his symptoms. With the surgery a success, Sonny gains a newfound appreciation for life. But Sonny's disorder isn't the only thing that disappears after the operation; so, too does a mystical ability that he once called on to save his sister Meryl's life - a seemingly magical power that the two siblings have kept secret all these years. Eventually, Sonny's quest for self-discovery leads him to Arielle, another lost soul in search of companionship. Arielle is everything that Sonny has ever wanted in a woman; she's beautiful, compassionate, and when she announces that she's pregnant with his child, Sonny realizes this could be his one shot at a normal life. But just as Arielle and Sonny begin their new life together, things start to unravel. Now, in order to hold on to his future, Sonny must take a journey back into himself while exploring the dark secrets from his family's past, and finally discovering who he really is.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

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Director: Ryan Ward

Writer: Matthew Heiti and Ryan Ward

Cast: Ryan Ward, Rebecca McMahon, Shantelle Canzanese, JoAnn Nordstrom, Craig Porritt, Steven Bird, Robert Skeates, Jordan Duarte, Don Tjart and Alyssa Abernot

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