Sombras de Azul

Rated NR 95 minutes

In the wake of her brother's suicide, a young Mexican woman, Maribel, books a one-way ticket to the place he'd always dreamt of going - Cuba. Wandering the streets of Havana, Maribel attempts to escape her grief, but the

city's rhythms and strangers just serve to trigger tortured ruminations and memories of him. It is only when she bonds

with Eusebio - a petty thief and skilled woodcraftsman - that Maribel begins to face her demons. As the two leave Havana to traverse Cuba, Maribel recognizes a growing attraction between them, and must decide whether to open herself up to love and loss once again.

Film Credits

Director: Kelly Daniela Norris

Writer: Kelly Daniela Norris

Producer: Travis Pittman and Elena Molina

Cast: Seedne Bujaidar, Yasmani Guerrero, Charlotta Mohlin and Lieter Ledesma

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