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St. Louisans love a night out


When a heat wave scorched St. Louis in the old days, citizens would decamp to Forest Park for a good night's sleep. It was also a bit of a social hour, no doubt, because you can't have that many St. Louisans in one place without a conversation breaking out about baseball or high school. Even though the weather's been quite pleasant lately, you can still head to Forest Park in the evening for a little socializin' — specifically, for Jammin' at the Zoo. From 6 to 10 p.m., enjoy live music by Lamar Harris and CoCo Soul, sample dozens of wine and beer varieties, purchase food for some classy lakeside dining, and partake of the pleasant company of your fellow St. Louisans. Admission is $10, or free for Zoo Friends members. Call 314-781-0900 or visit for more information.
Wed., Aug. 27, 2008