Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (Se ying diu sau)

Rated NR 90 minutes

Shangkuan I-yun (Hwang Jang-li) has developed the deadly eagle claw style to devastating effect on the follower of the Snake Fist technique, killing all except the group's dithering leader Pai Chang-tien (Simon Yuen Siu-tien). When harried orphan Chien Fu (Jackie Chan) saves Pai's life, the master teaches the youth some of the finer points of the Snake Fist style. When Chien nurses Pai back to health following an ambush by two of Shangkuan's followers, Pai teaches the lad everything he knows. Later, Chien watches with amazement as his pet cat kills a cobra, giving him the beginning of a new deadlier technique that eventually defeats the evil Shangkuan. This film helped created Jackie Chan's winning screen persona as a put-upon everyman and kung-fu comedian. This film proved to be so popular that director Yuen Woo-ping, Simon Yuen, and Chan went on to make the smash hit Drunken Master later that year.~ Jonathan Crow, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Woo-ping Yuen

Writer: Chi Yuan Hsi, Huo An Hsi, Shiao Loong, See-Yuen Ng and Chi-Kuang Tsai

Producer: See-Yuen Ng

Cast: Jackie Chan, Siu Tien Yuen, Jang Lee Hwang, Dean Shek, Roy Horan, Hark-On Fung, Lung Chan, Yao Lin Chen, Tien Lung Chen and Kam Chiang

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