Skid Marks

Rated NR 93 minutes 2008

Two competing ambulance companies--B.A.L.S. (Basic Ambulatory Life Support) and D.I.C. (Downtown Intensive Care)--go head-to-head to save their patients, their jobs and their alter egos. These cross-town rivals will do anything to out-wit, out-do and out-screw their arch rivals out of a Medicare payment. The EMT's (emergency medical technicians) of B.A.L.S., the lowest form of life on the emergency medical food chain, wield their lack of medical training and penchant for fun like a hurricane, wreaking havoc on all they encounter.

Film Credits

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Director: Karl Kozak

Writer: Karl Kozak, Don J. Rearden and Kraig Wenman

Producer: Bill Bragg and Thomas Seitz

Cast: Tyler Poelle, Mikey Post, Scott Dittman, Les Jennings, Kathy Uyen, Tim Piper, David Schultz, Dianna Agron, Chuck Kelley and Larrs Jackson


Skid Marks

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