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Sketches of Old Spain


Guitars and castanets are the instruments traditionally associated with Spain. But those are the instruments of a later Spain, after the expulsion of the Moorish Empire. In the 16th century, Spain was a Muslim world, with remnants of the former Christian and Jewish populations. Early music group Ensemble Lipzodes recreates the soundtrack of this era in Call, Court and Casbah: Music from Muslim, Christian and Jewish Spain, a special performance tonight at 7 p.m. in the Grigg Gallery of the Saint Louis Art Museum in Forest Park (314-721-0072 or Using voice, shawm (a woodwind instrument, precursor to the modern oboe), dulcians (something like an early bassoon), percussion and recorders, the Ensemble summons the spirit of an ancient, alien Spain. Fans of early music, and especially fans of world music, should greatly enjoy show. Admission is free.
Fri., April 24, 2009