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Sip Sliding Away


Many of you have stopped Mr. Night on the street to admire his physique (well, if you replace "stopped" with "pointed at," and "admire" with "laugh at"). What's the secret? Cheap drinks and good times, laddie. And Sips and Sounds for the New Year, a St. Louis Magazine fundraiser for South City Open Studio and Gallery (SCOSAG), fits that description nicely. A damp $5 bill gets you into the Mad Art Gallery (2727 South 12th Street), and once inside you can gesticulate angrily to the sounds of DJ Charlie Chan, enjoy free snacks by Savor, and inhale complimentary Bud Select and something called a "Selectini." The drawback? The party only lasts from 6 to 9 p.m. — we call that a light workout. Still, it's better to hoist a few rapidly and briefly than to hoist none at all. For more information e-mail
Thu., Jan. 19