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Silver Turns Gold


Oh, variety, how you spice up our lives! From the television programs you bring us -- so many reality shows to choose from! -- to the ample awesome young adult books available for the reading (who’s hungry?), our existence is much, much more gratifying, thanks to your efforts! Why, you’ve even sprinkled a bit of your spiciness on Our Song, the upcoming Gateway Men’s Chorus show. Not that it needed it, of course -- the GMC regularly performs a rich selection of tunes each season -- but this concert is especially diverse in its offerings. With songs from Patsy Cline and Lady Gaga, The Wizard of Oz and Les Misérables, along with original commissioned works, Our Song is sure to bring in GMC’s silver anniversary with a perfectly harmonized bang. The performance takes place at 8 p.m. at the 560 Music Center (560 Trinity Avenue, University City; 314-935-9231), and tickets cost $20 to $25; visit to learn more or to make a purchase.
Sat., March 31, 2012