Shun Li and the Poet (Io sono li)

Rated NR 92 minutes

Shun Li works in a textile factory on the outskirts of Rome and hopes to get Italian citizenship so her eight-year-old son can join her in Italy. When she is suddenly transferred to Chioggia, a small city-island in the Veneto lagoon, to work as a bartender in a pub, she meets Bepi, a Slavic fisherman, nicknamed "the Poet" by his friends, a regular at that pub for years and a writer of doggerel verse.Shun Li shares with Bepi stories of Qu Yuan, China's most celebrated poet, and the two strike up a friendship that has the potential to become something more. However the budding relationship is threatened by the objections of both the Chinese immigrant population and the local Italian fishing community.

Film Credits

Director: Andrea Segre

Writer: Marco Pettenello and Andrea Segre

Producer: Francesca Feder and Francesco Bonsembiante

Cast: Zhao Tao, Rade Sherbediga, Marco Paolini, Roberto Citran, Giuseppe Battiston, Wang Yuan, Giordano Bacci, Spartaco Mainardi, Zhong Cheng and Amleto Voltolina

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