Shinjuku Boys

Rated NR

As told through frank and unself-conscious testimonies from its main subject, a documentary which takes a look at three transvestite employees of the New Marilyn club in Tokyo: Tatsu, Gaish and Kazuki who coin themselves as annabe--women who live as men and have girlfriends, although they usually don't identify as lesbians. Tatsu lives with his girlfriend, Tomoe. Gaish is the tough-talking heartbreaker who has a string of girlfriends. And Kazuki lives with Kumii a male transexual and semi-famous nightclub dancer in Tokyo. Alternating interviews with these three main players and their partners, along with sequences shot in the ritzy club, this documentary shows a spectrum of a genuinely alternative sex--women who dress, live and want to be accepted as men and on whom the simple label of lesbian doesn't fit comfortably.

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