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Setting Goals

And knocking 'em down!


This holiday season has left you fat and happy. Of course, happiness is a good thing any time of year, but plumpness is the sworn enemy of most new year's resolution writers. Be that as it may, you're still not going to squeeze into workout clothes and do any kind of real exercising today, no matter how steadfast you are in keeping those pesky little goals you've set for yourself. But you could probably ease into that new fitness routine with a couple of games of bowling — what? It's a sport! Olivette Lanes (9520 Olive Boulevard) opens at noon on this New Year's Day, so that means you have plenty of time to enjoy your hangover-curing breakfast and then get on over to the alley. Your rolling arm will certainly get a bit of a workout, and your drinking arm might, too (a little hair of the dog never hurt anyone). To check lane availability and reserve a spot, call 314-991-0365.
Thu., Jan. 1, 2009