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Week of November 28, 2001

Cinema in the City. Webster University sponsors once-a-month Wednesday screenings in Beatnik Bob's Cafe. This month features West Side Story (Robert Wise and Jerome Robbins, 1961). The amazing, classic adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, relocated to 1950s New York City, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. With lyrics by Stephen Sondheim and a score by Leonard Bernstein, the film is an American classic. Plays at 7:30 p.m. Dec. 5 at Beatnik Bob's Cafe, City Museum, 15th and Lucas streets. NR

Images of a Country that Never Sleeps: A Festival of New Greek Cinema. Over the next two weekends, Webster University showcases six Greek films released from 1998-2000. All dramatize contemporary life, are in Greek with English subtitles and play one time only. The series begins Friday with In Good Company (Enas & Enas), followed by The Mating Game (I Diakritiki Goitia Ton Arsenikon) Saturday and Edge of Night (Afti I Nichta Meni) Sunday. In Edge of Night (the only film available for preview), the plot cross cuts between two attractive, twentyish Athenians enamored of their separate, unrealistic dreams. Stella obsesses about becoming a famous singer; boyfriend Andreas imagines traveling internationally on one of the jets taking off over the small shop he manages. Stung by jealousy, Andreas alienates Stella, who travels to northern Greece seeking work as a performer at a small club. Instead of enjoying moderate success, she encounters a pervasive sexism, which the film itself hypocritically exploits from beginning to end. Equally jarring, Edge of Night strains for a spirited buoyancy but is consistently undercut by the couple's growing disillusionment. Ultimately, despite its uneven tone and episodic structure, the heartfelt empathy for this couple transcends the film's weaknesses to achieve a sad, memorable resonance. In Good Company plays Nov. 30; The Mating Game plays Dec. 1; Edge of Night plays Dec. 2. All films play at 7 p.m. at Webster University. (DC)