Serbian Scars

Rated NR 90 minutes

A Serbian soldier named Alex Obilich ventures to Chicago hoping to find his older brother Peter and ask him about a kidney transplant in an effort to save their dad. Peter escaped from Serbia with their mother years ago, leaving behind his brother and father to fight the war -- not knowing their fates. Alex desperately searches for his brother, relying on the help of a pretty American named Maria to track him down. What Alex doesn't realize is that their father is actually being used as a tool by a terrorist named Vukasin, who is certain that Peter holds the key to a devastating weapon that his father developed years ago.

Film Credits

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Director: Brent Huff

Writer: Gary M. Lumpp and Vladimir Rajcic

Producer: Vladimir Rajcic

Cast: Vladimir Rajcic, Michael Madsen, Mark Dacascos, Steve Agnew, Bojana Brankovic, Sergej Trifunovic, Jana Milic, Predrag Jovanovic, Predrag Rajcic and Claudia Christian

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