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Seein' Red

Friday, July 15; the Slaughterhouse (3343 Texas Avenue [at Cherokee Street])


Who says punk rock is all about the kids? Since 1989 the high-voltage hardcore of Seein' Red has angried up the blood of punks everywhere -- including those who were in diapers when the band played its first gig. The Dutch trio isn't about to let a few bald spots and crow's feet stop them now. Playing roaring 90-second blasts that spew inexhaustible, bilingual rage at the stupidities and injustices of capitalism, Seein' Red's accomplished, accessible songwriting is marbled with surprising veins of melody and variety, elevating it above typical hardcore generica and rendering its anger all the more convincing.

Show starts at 7 p.m. Tickets are $5; e-mail for more information.