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See Vermont via Rail

Have a rail good time


Ever wondered what Christmas in Vermont would look like if the state were overrun with gargantuan mutant flowers? Then stroll colossus-like through the Gardenland Express at the Missouri Botanical Garden (4344 Shaw Boulevard) and find out. The annual exhibition combines model trains, miniature buildings and voluptuous holiday flower arrangements. This year it adds some Green Mountain State flavor, including little mechanical skiers dashing down faux mountainsides. But be warned: Anyone attempting to tap the plants for syrup will be escorted from the premises. Admission to the show, which is open every day except Christmas Day through Sunday, January 4, is $3 (in addition to regular garden admission fee of $2 to $8). Find out more at, from the automated events hotline at 314-577-9400 or from a live human at 314-577-5100.
Dec. 18-24; Dec. 26-Jan. 4, 2008