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Scott H. Biram

9 p.m. Tuesday, January 2. Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue).


Take note, aspiring singer-songwriter dudes: Forget getting in touch with your inner sensitive navel, forget your Jeff Buckley cheat sheets (you'll never have the voice), forget those frat-rat Jack Johnson jams, and above all else, put down that bong. Get serious, get drunk, get evil and get the gospel blues — it's only an apparent contradiction. Austinite Scott H. Biram sins to save what's left of the singer-songwriter ethos after he's done grinding, growling and cursing it into the low-life dirt. His manic backwoods-preacher shtick might cloy if he didn't throw his whole body into it. With his right hand he thwacks an over-amped Gibson guitar, with his left he bleeds some. With his left foot he stomps some over-amped wood, with his right he just kicks your ass.