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School of Language

9 p.m. Friday, March 28. The Billiken Club, 20 North Grand Boulevard



Hailing from Sunderland, UK, Field Music is one of the few bands to come out in recent years that's pleasing to both aristo-pop snobs who like their music smart and to fun-loving types who like it light and catchy. The group's 2006 debut (Field Music) and its 2007 follow-up (Tones of Town) are Cornell boxes of prog-pop — brisk and fun but artistically ambitious and creative. While the trio is on hiatus, member David Brewis has struck out alone as School of Language, releasing an album in the U.S. on Thrill Jockey (Sea From Shore) and tapping bassist Doug McCombs of Tortoise and drummer Ryan Rapsys of Euphone to fill out his equations live. With sweet melodies and crashing, off-kilter rhythms, School continues Field Music's tradition of pop erudition.