Schlafly Hop in the City, 9/19/09 

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Once a year, the St. Louis brewery puts all 41 of its seasonal beers on tap for a beer-fest called "Hop in the City." Drink up! Photos by Nick Schnelle.
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Event crew members set up commemorative tasting glasses and beer tasting guides before the the annual beer festival kicks off.
Karyn Graham and Emily Bartlett try the India Brown Ale to start their beer tastings off. Although they say it’s good, they say they’ll move on to lighter ales.
The many beer tasting guides and tasting glasses set up before noon.
Using her beer fest name, “Beefy” shows off her pretzel necklace, which is great for soaking up alcohol in between tastings.
Eric Griffith, Brian Hassmann, and Russ Kawkins pose for a photo beer and cigar ready.
Newly crowned Henry Herbst and Schlafly co-founder Tom Schlafly pose for a photo.
Schlafly co-founder Dan Kopman has a taste of American IPA. Kopman says you definitely want to get your nose involved for a proper beer tasting.
A hand painted message clearly notifies the people in line to have their I.D.’s ready.
“Beer Fairy” Peg Curtis walks around during the event eying people with empty glass, helping to refill them.
Mitch Blecha bites down on his pretzel necklace with beer in hand.
A woman is delighted to see that her glass is filled to the top.
Chris Becker, Michele Becker, Pam Schroeder, and Robby Dirkers wait in line, ready to try some beer.
An event crew member fills a tasting glass with Irish Stout. The long stream of beer is specifically poured this way to incorporate air into darker beers.
A event crew member hands off the tasting glass and beer guide to one of the many people who arrived early.
The best kind of cooler there is. With a tap.
A chilled keg of Porter sits near an event crew member, ready to be sucked dry by awaiting beer hungry ticket holders.
Signs hang up identifying the locations of each of 41 styles of beer.
Schlafly Communications Director Troika Brodsky shows off his newly blinged out tap handle necklace.
This guy wants everyone to know he’s ready to drink some beer.
A large crowd waits in line for some of the 41 beer styles on tap at the festival.
Devon Caldwell and Bill Fuller of Kentucky, highlight off beers they have tried in their tasting guides. So far 20, with 21 to go.
What could go better with beer other than fried chicken on a stick?
Erin and Andy Builta bring their dogs to also enjoy the beer festivities.
Event crew members John Shepherd, Marc Moore, and Nicolas Zimmer take a break from serving beer to pose for a photo.
Event crew member Ken Marsh, moves a keg in the Schlafly beer truck. The festival had in total 120 kegs for the festival.
The view of the festival atop the Schlafly Tap Room roof.
If there’s one thing beer can do, it’s bring Cards and Cubs fans together.
Henry Herbst, one of the most friendly and well known beer historians in St. Louis, gets a warm round of applause after being honored “King of Hops."
Henry Herbst is presented with a special labeled bottle of Schlafly created for when he’s able to start drinking again. Recently Henry was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and is unable to drink.
Schlafly co-founder helps pour a pitcher of one of the cask ales available at the festival.
An event crew member pours a pitcher of one of the cask ales into a tasting glass.
The long line of beer tasting tables.
Beer found!
An event crew member fills a glass with Witbier.
A crowd forms around bagpiper Matt Pataleoni as he performs.
Event crew member Sherwood McGowan poses with Eric Griffith.
An event crew member hauls in a keg to meet the constant demand.
Chris Sabo,Leslie McConnell, and Paul Kmett pose for photo after getting their hands on a pitcher beer.
How else can you end a long day of drinking beer samples than passed out on the sidewalk?
Event crew members set up commemorative tasting glasses and beer tasting guides before the the annual beer festival kicks off.