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Satoshi Tomiie

9 p.m. Saturday, March 24. Dante's (3221 Olive Street).


We're not sure why, but we've always thought Satoshi Tomiie, who claims to be from Japan, is really from the future. Maybe it's because of his modern-yet-classic sense of style and bad-ass double-"i" name, or his uncanny knack for dropping the right record at precisely the right millisecond — or perhaps even the fact that he's worked with David Bowie, himself a confirmed man of the future. Regardless, Tomiie (rhymes with "Pompeii") has returned to our humble era (probably via some kind of jet-pack time machine) to show us what it means to produce and DJ. He continues this special quest with a tour — and fair warning: If he invokes the past and rocks his "Love in Traffic," the track with vocals by Kelli Ali from the Sneaker Pimps, the track that changed our lives (many years ago, but still), he probably won't be escaping on that jet-pack contraption alone.