Santarchy 2008, St. Louis, 12/20/08 

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Get a couple dozen Santa Clauses. Let them loose in the streets and bars of St. Louis, handing out presents and good cheer.
OF 37
Lohr Barkley, the lead Santarchist.
Lohr Barkley passes out presents to a passerby.
Despite the cold, all different Santas rode buses, Metro Link and walked to 20 destinations.
Gabriel "Clause" slides low in his seat, but still holds on to his beer.
Lynn Carmichael went for Santa-meets-Jesus.
Jason Mills enjoys the presents Coco Capshaw brought herself.
Adam Wiedner and Rae Silvey went with a Dr. Who Christmas theme.
Harper and Jill Phillips enjoy the family time together.
Lance and Holly bring the love to Santarchy.
Ashley Krone had a less traditional color scheme.
Aboard the Santarchy school bus.
Shelley Buchanan and Jay Lewis were having a drink at Nadine's in Soulard when the Santas arrived.
Casey O'Mara and Jessica Bray are still going strong but look a little tired as 9 p.m. draws near.
Rachel Case and Allegra Grizzanti enjoy the togetherness.
Santarchy reveler Patricia Thomas
On December 20, Santarchy took to the streets to pass out presents, coal, good cheer and booze.
Tricia Overkamp enjoys the good food.
Til next year.