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Sammy Hagar



Having just turned 60 a few weeks ago, Sammy Hagar is only five years younger than Paul McCartney. But historical significance aside, which old dude would you honestly rather bro down with on a Tuesday night: Sir Paul, the vegetarian, who hasn't written a good song since "Yesterday" — or the Red Rocker, who slams tequila like there's no tomorrow and continues to rock the shit out of "I Can't Drive 55"? Yeah, that's what I thought. Sweetening the Sammy experience even further is the fact that his good pal and occasional bandmate, bassist Michael Anthony, is on board after getting the shaft from the reunited Van Halen. No matter — the gang will still plow through a batch of VH nuggets alongside Hagar's solo tunes. "Atomic Punk" and "Three Lock Box"? Damn, count me in.