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Run, Then Walk


Here's the plan for this morning: Get up early; scramble eggs; add green food coloring for festive effect. Don workout clothes; lace up your tennis shoes; stretch. Head downtown to the corner of Eighth and Market streets with $20 in hand anytime between 7:30 and 9 a.m.; prepare to run/jog/walk (if necessary) five miles during the St. Patrick's Day Parade Run. Reward yourself for getting up and running at such an early hour — and on a Saturday, no less! — by paying a visit to the hospitality area. But wait! You can't go home and nap yet! You've still got the 40th annual St. Patrick's Day Parade to watch! So the afternoon plan is as follows: Grab a spot along the Market Street parade route; watch 120 floats, bands, giant balloons and clowns inch by beginning at noon; drink beer. Check out the Irish Village post-parade. Drink more beer — repeat. Visit for more information about both events.
Sat., March 14, 2009