Rome Rather Than You (Roma wa la n'touma)

Rated NR 111 minutes

In a time when Algeria has been consumed by warfare and strife for more than a decade, a man who longs to return to the peaceful streets of Rome takes his girlfriend on a desperate quest to procure the papers that will allow the pair to seek out a brighter future. With gunfire echoing in his ears, Kamel longs to leave Algeria behind and return to Italy, where he used to bake pizzas for a living. But Kamel doesn't want to go to Italy alone, he desperately wants to bring his loyal girlfriend Zina along on the journey as well. Having grown up in a country where violence in the streets is an everyday occurrence, Kamel and Zina calmly make their way out of the city and into the eerily quiet suburbs in hopes of locating the immigrant smuggler who can successfully usher them out of the country. Though the streets are a virtual maze of dead ends and danger seems to lurk just around every corner, the optimistic couple somehow manages to turn their potentially grim journey into something resembling an adventurous vacation.~ Jason Buchanan, All Movie Guide

Film Credits

Director: Tariq Teguia

Writer: Tariq Teguia

Producer: Helge Albers

Cast: Rachid Amrani, Ahmed Benaissa and Samira Kaddour

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