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Rocky Votolato / Owen

9 p.m. Tuesday, March 20. Off Broadway (3509 Lemp Avenue).


Despite the critical acclaim bestowed upon artists such as Nick Drake and Bob Dylan, there's still a stigma of self-indulgence attached to the singer-songwriter genre. Rocky Votolato and Owen (Mike Kinsella) are two exceptions to this stereotype. Votolato may be best known for fronting the post-hardcore band Waxwing, but his vulnerable singing and driving guitar playing sound just as good unplugged as they did when he was churning out rock records. Similarly, Cap'n Jazz and American Football alumni Mike Kinsella has stripped his sound down in recent years and carved a out niche as a formidable songwriter; the Mark Kozelekesque "The Sad Waltzes of Pietro Crespi," from his latest album, At Home With Owen, proves that sometimes the simplest songs can also be the most satisfying.