Rocky Road

Rated PG-13 100 minutes

Talia is the eldest daughter of prosperous Caribbean immigrants in Los Angeles. Talia's love for John, a white man, frustrates Talia's militant black sister, Tina, who cannot understand why Talia isn't keeping it real. To make matters worse, John's white father Bill keeps trying to poison Talia's relationship by talking behind her back. Split by their feelings about John, Talia's family is headed by two strong West Indian parents who keep rising above the color divide. And while Talia's ready for the big commitment from John, numerous obstacles jump into the progress of their relationship.

Film Credits

Director: Geoff Cunningham

Writer: Geoff Cunningham

Producer: Geoff Cunningham, Nicole Smith and Laura Caulfield

Cast: Nicole Smith, Will Wallace, Natasha Pearce, Wolf Muser and Robert Wisdom

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