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Rhone, Rhone on the Range


Howdy, cowboy. Tired of saddlin’ up and ridin’ to the local saloon, only to find uninspired wine lists full of grocery-store selections? Overly sweet wines, cutesy-wootsy animal labels, red wines served creepily warm: It’s enough to make a cowpoke give up and go back to sarsaparilla. Chin up, friend. There’s a new wine posse in town, and these Rhone Rangers invite you to a night of learning and sipping at the Wine Merchant (20 South Hanley Road, Clayton). The Wine Merchant’s classes are some of the best in town, and this Rhone-specific session will educate you about the delicious Syrah-Grenache-Mouvedre blend. You’ll have the opportunity to sample Rhone-style wines from the United States, Australia and Spain—and evaluate how those compare to the real-deal stuff from France’s Rhone River Valley. The class begins at 6 p.m., and tickets are $35. Call 314-863-6282 to make your required reservation; find more information at
Thu., Jan. 8, 2009