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Retribution Gospel Choir

8 p.m. Tuesday, February 16. The Firebird, 2706 Olive Street.



The Retribution Gospel Choir is returning for its own headlining show, nearly two years after opening Wilco's spectacular series of 2008 Pageant dates. On its second album, 2, the Duluth, Minnesota, band takes on a dizzying array of styles and sounds, from brief bursts of Zeppelin-esque noise ("'68 Comeback") to surprisingly catchy pop songs ("Workin' Hard"). Most of it maintains a majestic and portentous presence worthy of Low — which, of course, is the main project of singer/guitarist Alan Sparhawk and bassist Steve Garrington. Still, 2 thrives on contrast: It features violent overtones – the kind that Low only occasionally explores — but then ends on a non-joking song called "Bless Us All."