Rated NR 100 minutes 2001

Leah is a young translator in her late twenties who's unhappily involved with Jeff, a playboy of sorts who is as untrustworthy as he is charming. Taking the advice of her best friend to cut loose, Leah -- who has always had the spirit of a wanderer -- begins to spend time with a Chinese-American surfer named Rihcard Kao, an Angeleno who has been denying his heritage for some time. And Leah, confronted with the limitation of her fantasies about the exotic, must soon decide whether or not she is ready to commit to something real.

Film Credits

Director: Jule Gilfillan

Writer: Jule Gilfillan

Producer: Peter Shiao

Cast: Catherine Kellner, David Wu, Sarita Choudhury, Geng Le and Josh Lucas

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