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Red Pony Clock

Saturday, August 14; Radio Cherokee


This has been an exceptional summer for St. Louis' indie-pop fans. Over the past few weeks, we've seen Boyracer, the Owls, the Maybellines, Poison Control Center and Anna Oxygen pass through town, each bringing their own respective combinations of catchy songs and high-spirited approach. The pop parade continues this Saturday night, when Southern California's Red Pony Clock comes to town.

Red Pony Clock is largely the vision of singer/multi-instrumentalist Gabe Saucedo. Over a series of seven-inch, cassette and split-CD releases, he has followed a musical yellow brick road located somewhere between Of Montreal and Yellow Submarine's Pepperland. Sauceno's whimsical approach incorporates such diverse influences as Dixieland jazz, children's songs (for very, very odd children), sea shanties and eccentric '60s pop. His reedy, off-key vocals narrate the proceedings, and the whole project walks a fine line between endearing and annoying. But Sauceno's adept songwriting and gloriously overreaching spirit keep the music friendly and unpredictable. Live, Red Pony Clock expands to an eight-piece lineup, complete with horn section, taking on the guise of a high school concert band gone nicely wrong. With support from My Music Atlas, a likeminded collective out of Collinsville, Illinois, this promises to be an enchanted evening.