Record Store Day 2015 Across St. Louis 

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Tons of music fans flocked to about a dozen venues across the St. Louis region for this year's Record Store Day on Saturday, April 18. Photographer Micah Usher was there too, capturing the action.
OF 22
Nathan Carroll and Rachel Siddens have just found something good.
Free beer? Yes, please! Schlafly served up its "Side 2" IPA in honor of the festivities.
Ian Picard looks through Vintage Vinyl's selection.
School of Rock students play outside Vintage Vinyl.
Jenn Malzone of Middle Class Fashion, inside Euclid Records.
The crowds rifle through the specialty-record selection at Euclid Records.
The Wilderness, a post-punk indie-rock band out of Baltimore at Euclid Records.
Just Burnett (foreground) inspects some CDs.
Eager crowds packed Vintage Vinyl.
Paul Brown makes a Ludacis discovery.
Town Cars parked it outside of Vintage Vinyl.
Bruiser Queen outside Vintage Vinyl.
Woodstock? Check. Marvin Gaye? Check. Mission accomplished for Disco Dru.
The Bible Belt Sinners at Euclid Records.
Sales were brisk at Euclid Records.
Considering a purchase at Euclid Records.
The Feed rocks Euclid's patio.
The Feed.
Sleepy Kitty at Euclid Records.
The drummer for Bela & Lily.
Bella & Lily outside Vintage Vinyl.
Ben Young and Alice, happy in headphones.
Nathan Carroll and Rachel Siddens have just found something good.